Spellbound: The Legend of the Ice People

Written by Angela Cook (trans.) Gregory Herring (trans.) Margit Sandemo
Review by Ann Oughton

In the winter of 1581 16-year-old Silje is the lone survivor of her family, wiped out by plague. Alone and starving, she befriends two orphans left to die in the cold. In her desperate search for food and shelter she is confronted by a mysterious man clothed in wolf skins. He turns out to be Silje’s saviour and arranges for her and the children to be cared for by kindly farming folk. As the story develops changing circumstances force Silje to leave what has become a comfortable home, and the wolf man takes her away from all she has ever known to the mountains and the forbidding land of the Ice People. Although Silje knows little about them, she has always lived in fear of their shadow.

Margit Sandemo has written over 170 novels including Spellbound, which is the first in a series that spans four centuries. A mixture of myth and legend interwoven with historical events, this is an imaginative creation that involves the reader from the first page to the last.