Sorrow Without End

Written by Priscilla Royal
Review by Tess Allegra

Near Tyndal Priory in East Anglia in 1271, the corpse of a man brutally murdered lies wrapped in a Crusader’s cloak with an elaborate dagger in his chest. After it’s taken by the crowner to the medieval hospital for analysis, the atmosphere in Prioress Eleanor’s domain is less than healing. Dealing with two monks competing for Prior and suppressing her own attraction to the handsome Brother Thomas, the prioress has her hands full when Thomas is arrested for the murder based on a madman’s evidence. And one of her nuns is assaulted and thinks it was God “whodunnit.”

A very lively story focusing on events that are topical today without pulling the reader out of the period. References to previous events indicate that the first two books might enhance the reading of this third entry in the series.