Sons of Liberty

Written by Marshall Poe

Imagine being a 10-year-old boy named Nathaniel Smithfield in the late 1700s in the colonies ruled by King George III’s royal soldiers. Your father is totally loyal to the British king, but you’re hearing talk about your fellow men and women having their rights destroyed. They are called rebels by the Loyalists but what those rebels are saying certainly makes sense to you. Time marches on and you see colonist ships taken by the British who charge that the owners have not paid appropriate taxes. You see the rebels’ first bold destruction of all British tea into Boston Harbor, and you not only witness but participate in the initial battles between the rebels and British troops! Family and friends argue, observe, and eventually choose irrevocable sides shaping the courageous, liberty-loving Nathaniel into a true proponent of American freedom and independence. Sons of Liberty is a historically accurate graphic novel (illustrated by Leland Purvis) that gets to the heart of what it felt like to be a young boy in the middle of a thrilling period of history, with its conflicts, agreements and world-changing events.