Song of Salzburg: Romance on the Orient Express #4

Written by Jen Geigle Johnson
Review by Gail M. Murray

Young violinist, Freya Winter, has been accepted to study in the Salzburg Youth Orchestra under the renowned Maestro, a master musician shrouded in mystery, and possibly win a professional position. Her accidental meeting with a handsome, mysterious stranger on the celebrated Orient Express proves the beginning of many clandestine meetings as she regularly travels from Salzburg to Paris and back to visit her grandmother. Music is their language. They harmonize, challenge, and complement each other.

Johnson‘s musical training and orchestral experience elevate the novel. The reader is privy to this sweet 19th-century romance as Erich Schumann (the aforementioned stranger) coaches her, and not only joins her in playing in the elegant dining car but introduces her to Britain’s Prince Edward for a private audience. As their relationship grows in passion and intensity, her talent and confidence bloom. Who is this talented musician she is falling for? Is their meeting accidental or fated? Why hasn’t she been called by the Maestro for her critique?

Of course, the reader realizes early on that Erich is the renowned Maestro, but when and how Freya will discover it adds to the tension and excitement. Will Freya be forced to return to England to marry a man of her father’s choosing? Will her concert dreams die or be realized? Johnson has cleverly used the Orient Express as a place to build this lively romance.