Song of My Heart

Written by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

Goldtree, Kansas, 1895. Sadie Wagner travels from her Indiana home to work as a store clerk and part-time singer in an “opera” house. A sweet, religious girl with a God-given voice, she must earn money to aid her family back home. Sheriff Thad McKane wants to be a minister, but first must root out the bootleggers who are corrupting the town. He and Sadie are attracted to each other, but their love may not survive her seeming involvement with criminal activities. Danger and suspense threaten, and an unwelcome suitor complicates Sadie’s life even more. With the Lord’s help and a good deal of soul-searching and personal growth, Sadie and Thad try to find the path to a godly future with each other.

Christian readers will enjoy this sweet story, which offers a mix of romance, mystery, and humor while focusing on biblical values. A large cast of entertaining secondary characters adds to the appeal, as does the carefully drawn, Western small-town setting.