Son Of The Sword

Written by J. Ardian Lee
Review by Tracey A. Callison

Dylan Mattheson is a modern-day American martial arts and sword instructor who is transported to 18th-century Scotland when he is caught up in a faerie spell laid upon an ancient broadsword. This is Scotland in the era just before the Jacobite uprising, and try as he may to avoid it, he is soon caught up in local intrigues and politics.

Dylan’s sword-fighting skills and knowledge of Scots history come in handy, but he is completely disconcerted by the primitive living conditions and the way the Scots are treated by the British. He is also at times self-centered and inclined to be petulant in response to his plight… in short, a real person. His growth of character as the story unfolds is as interesting to read as the gritty, realistic historical setting. In the end, the author stays true to the story she has crafted instead of opting for easy heroics, and this makes her novel stand out.