Slow Train to Sonora

Written by Loyd M. Uglow
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In 1911, Mexico is on the brink of civil war. The United States War Department assigns veteran army officer C.W. Langhorne across the border into Mexico on an information-gathering expedition. There is concern that if civil war breaks out, U.S. forces may be needed to protect the interests of American business owners. Langhorne must also use the railroad to see if the rail system can carry troops and supplies south.

Rodolfo Escarra is the brutal head of the Acordada, the Mexican secret police in Sonora. Escarra learns of Langhorne’s travels, suspects he is a spy, and seeks to find and kill him. Langhorne learns of Escarra and his motives and must flee back north.

This first in the Border Army series combines action with suspense from the first chapter through the book’s conclusion. The political turmoil in Mexico creates an exciting setting as the characters travel from location to location south of the border. A real page-turner and an enjoyable western thriller.