Slightly Scandalous

Written by Mary Balogh
Review by Alice Logsdon

Lady Freyja Bedwyn is twenty-five years old, unmarried, unconventional, energetic, and possessed of a face that can be described as handsome, at best. She is traveling to Bath for a visit with friends when a handsome rogue enlists her help to escape an angry confrontation. Against her better judgment, she agrees. When this same man turns up later, again under questionable circumstances, her haughty indignation and self-righteous attitude leads to an hilarious confrontation and the beginning of a fine romance. He, of course, is really the Marquess of Hallmere, Joshua Moore. As their lives become more and more entangled, it is clear where they are headed, even if they don’t realize it themselves.

Slightly Scandalous is set after the Napoleonic Wars, the action moving from Bath to the coast of Cornwall. I never expected to enjoy this book at all, much less enjoy it so much. Solidly written characters, lively and witty dialogue and the unhurried pace of the plot make this book stand apart. I look forward to reading the other three novels in this series.