Sixty Acres and a Bride

Written by Regina Jennings
Review by Marie Burton

This vibrant debut novel blends two cultures of the 1870s as two widows go back to family in Texas after tragedy befalls them in Mexico. The young and beautiful Rosa Garner accompanies her mother-in-law, both needing a fresh start, only to find that their old home has accumulated a huge sum of property taxes. Touching on biblical references, their relatives welcome the two widows with open arms and help them achieve financial security.

Weston Garner is intrigued by his new cousin Rosa, but he is not willing to let go of guilt over his wife’s death and believes he doesn’t deserve to love again. Rosa and Weston strike up an unorthodox agreement even as they each battle their own fears and wariness, yet the entire community support them in spite of their own resistance. The entertaining characters are fleshed out and convincing while the plot explores many themes such as heritage, honor, customs, abuse and insecurity. Rosa’s intelligent and witty character is easy to root for, as she is a stranger among friends and refuses to take anything for granted. A journey of faith, friendship and love, this historical romance will please lovers of the Western-themed novel.