Simply Magic

Written by Mary Balogh
Review by Sue Asher

Written by one of the acknowledged queens of the regency romance genre, this book is a simple delight. The third installment in a series dealing with four teachers at a girls’ school in Bath, its heroine is Susanna Osbourne and hero, Peter Edgeworth, otherwise known as Viscount Whitleaf. Susanna is beautiful beyond compare but tries to hide her looks and passion behind the veneer of a prim and proper schoolmistress. Viscount Whitleaf is godlike in appearance, wealthy, and in need of a wife so he can get to the business of breeding an heir. He’s smitten with Susanna at first sight. She has a scandalous secret in her past—a stumbling block to any decent marriage but an insurmountable obstacle to forming a relationship with Whitleaf. If you think you’ve read this book before, the plot elements are, admittedly, formula stuff. But Whitleaf’s true strength and biggest weakness turns out to be kindness. And Susanna is a pleasantly mature heroine. Balogh’s skill in portraying the couple as they court, discover each other’s secrets and, finally, figure out how to overcome those insurmountable obstacles is why this book succeeds so well.