Shine Like the Dawn

Written by Carrie Turansky
Review by Lauren Miller

Award-winning author Carrie Turansky’s newest inspirational romance returns to the Edwardian era in a standalone title with memorable characters and a charming love story between estranged childhood friends. Margaret Lounsbury was deprived of her prospects following the tragic death of her parents, forcing her to work in her grandmother’s millinery shop and help care for her younger sister, Violet. Their death also alienated her from Nathaniel Harcourt, the heir of Morningside Manor, who returns home from the Royal Navy to claim his birthright and take control of his father’s company. As they try to restore a friendship damaged by years of loss, new information surrounding her parents’ death emerges, leading Margaret on a hunt for resolution. Will Margaret’s search finally bring her closure or will it hurt both of their chances at happiness?

Turansky’s novel touches upon themes familiar to readers of the period, in a time where new technologies were changing how we lived, and a climate of industrialization bred changes in the work force “below stairs” and in factories. With a sincere message about faith and forgiveness, and an original plot with a hint of mystery, Shine Like the Dawn is a fine contribution to the genre.