Sherlock Holmes and the Werewolves of Edinburgh: Being Book 2 of the Unpublished Case Files of John H. Watson, M.D.

Written by M. J. Downing
Review by Tom Vallar

Having dispatched The Undead Client (HNR 88), Holmes and Watson confront a far greater threat in this, Book Two of the Unpublished Case Files of John H. Watson, M.D. The Logres Society, the defender of the Arthurian ideals of justice for the common people, is the guiding force behind Department Zed, which loosely employs Holmes and Watson in ridding the world of undesirables. Watson’s place in the Society is to be secured twelve days from Christmas 1888 at Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. But dark forces are at work requiring all his fortitude and the use of his magical sword, Mustard Seed, to succeed.

The world of the occult is peopled by those from the Far East and the Highland Travellers of Scotland. The Logres Society marshals their help as well as that of Alfred Lord Tennyson and the actress Irene Adler to ensure that all are safe. The key to changing from a human to a werewolf is the possession of an amulet, and deciphering who has one and what they do with it is the key to the puzzle in this case. Holmes goes AWOL through half the book, and only the last 50 pages take place in Edinburgh, but the fantasy and suspense – along with Watson’s stamina and his overwhelming desire to reunite with his wife – carry the story.

The body (and fairy) count makes this book hard to swallow for this Sherlockian fan. The specter of Moriarty being behind the sinister doings never materializes, and though the twist at the end is intriguing, this reviewer is not looking forward to a sequel any time soon.