Sheep Pen Cañon

Written by James D. Crownover
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In the late 1880s in New Mexico Territory, Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Sowell is seriously wounded in a gunfight while trying to capture the Newman gang, who robbed a local train. The gang is headed for No Man’s Land, where there is no law. He and his deputies must capture the gang members before they reach there. Even though Sowell is a law officer, he wants to return to his ranch and become a full-time rancher.

This novel is another fine Western novel written by Mr. Crownover. The Spur Award-winning writer provides the reader with several viewpoints written in the first person. Although I feel this approach slowed the pace, the author provides excellent descriptions of the land and its people. The supporting characters are three-dimensional, well-formed and credible, while his knowledge of Western lore shows throughout the story. I’ve read several Western novels by this fine writer, and this novel lives up to his previous works.