Shadow Waltz

Written by Amy Patricia Meade
Review by Jane Kessler


This is the third in a series featuring mystery writer and amateur sleuth Marjorie McClelland. It’s 1935 in Ridgebury, Connecticut, and Marjorie is happily planning her wedding to wealthy and suave Creighton Ashcroft III. Her bliss is disturbed by a distraught young wife and mother, whose husband is missing. The police have dismissed her concern and have made no attempt to locate him. Sympathetic, Marjorie and Creighton agree to take her case.

They quickly discover that the uptight, ambitious husband, an insurance claims adjustor, had a mistress. Things become very serious when they discover the mistress’s dismembered body in the cellar of her home. Everyone assumes that the husband is guilty, but Marjorie has her doubts. It turns out that more than one person had a reason to want the mistress dead. Marjorie’s former beau, Detective Jameson, is assigned to the case, and she and Creighton bet him that they can solve the murder and locate the missing husband first. This was a light and breezy historical mystery, with a likeable heroine, that was lots of fun to read. I wish I had read the first two!