Shadow of the Titanic

Written by Andrew Wilson
Review by Tamela McCann

In the wealth of books published for the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic, most center on the tragedy itself and its immediate aftermath. Shadows of the Titanic, however, takes things a step further by not only highlighting some of the more famous survivors’ tales as the liner went down but also giving us details of their lives as they tried to move beyond its grim specter. Among the featured stories are those of Madeleine Astor, the Duff-Gordons, J. Bruce Ismay, and Jack Thayer, names well known to Titanic enthusiasts; however, there are many others included whose chronicles give new insight into how the Titanic cast its gloom over their lives long after it sank. Indeed, Wilson manages to show just how many survivors never fully recovered mentally or physically from the tragedy. This book is well written and deeply engaging; a must-read for those who are still fascinated by the doomed ship.