Shadow of the Hawk

Written by K. S. Jones
Review by Viviane Crystal

Sooze and her family are strongly united during the hardest of times in 1930s Arkansas. Even with growing their own vegetables and some other meager crops, they barely make do. Sooze is sixteen and has been wooed by David Huckabee for years; at first she refuses his endearments but eventually realizes it would mean another worker and some sorely needed financial help. Love? That won’t fill an empty stomach, Sooze realizes, although she wishes she had the kind of romance her parents have. A murder follows, and a potential burglary of a huge sum. Lies abound from others less fortunate and in need of venting their accumulated venom. One could call this Sooze’s coming-of-age story, as she learns what composes true justice, via the ways of the worldly law court, and what it means when the heart finally recognizes its soul mate with certainty. These are scrappy, intensely caring characters living in a rough-and-tumble, difficult period in history. Wonderful young adult historical fiction.