Seduced by a Rogue

Written by Amanda Scott
Review by Heather Domin

In 14th-century Scotland, clan tensions are brewing. When Robert Maxwell meets with a local baron to coax his loyalty to Clan Maxwell, he finds no success—but he does find an instant attraction to the baron’s beautiful heiress, Mairi. When further negotiations prove fruitless, Robert kidnaps Mairi to force her father’s hand. But the brash move does not go as planned; not only does Mairi’s father still refuse to submit, but Mairi is no ordinary pawn, and the chemistry between her and Rob proves stronger than either of them imagined. But can it survive a clan war?

The plot and dialogue are standard for the genre, and descriptions of historical place and time are meticulous. The heroine is spunky yet delicate; the hero has a heart of gold; and after an unhurried start the abduction picks up the pace, leading to a clever and unconventional ending. Though the title suggests unbridled passion, there’s not much of either seduction or roguishness here; readers looking for something dangerous and racy may be disappointed, but fans of a more subdued and genteel kind of romance will be pleased.