Secrets in the Stones: A Dr. Thomas Silkstone Mystery, #6

Written by Tessa Harris
Review by Alana White

Eighteenth-century India and England: once again American anatomist Dr. Thomas Silkstone and the Englishwoman he loves find themselves embroiled in an adventure of escalating danger and double-dealing. This time, Oriental intrigue in the 1780s and a fabulous, but cursed, Indian diamond form the heart of the story. Lady Lydia Farrell, just released from Bedlam, is accused of murder when at Boughton Hall she happens upon the corpse of the man who is the custodian of her estate and the guardian of her young son and heir. Meanwhile, Thomas has been seriously injured in a gun duel with his and Lydia’s nemesis, the Right Honorable Nicholas Lupton.

Bodies pile up as ghastly murders occur and Silkstone pursues the mystery of the missing gem. Though determined to propose marriage to the lady, Thomas wants first to solve the mystery surrounding them. I found myself drawn out of the story many times over as continuing characters in the series came and went, taking their back stories with them. However, I feel sure that is because Secrets in the Stones is the first book I’ve read in the collection. I believe fans of these popular books will enjoy renewing their relationship with them here in Book Six.