Second Touch: A.D. Chronicles Book Two

Written by Bodie & Brock Thoene
Review by Suzanne Crane

The second in the Thoenes’ latest series, Second Touch returns to the days of Christ’s ministry and the religious and political turmoil of the times. Now the focus is on the lot of lepers who live in imposed exile due to their disease. Brave little Lily’s battle for strength, to accept her fate as a leper and uphold her faith, is representative of all who hope. Contrasted is the privileged Pharisee, Simon, also stricken but whose blight is more to the soul than the skin. Peniel, the no-longer-blind beggar of First Light, is now a leader of some of the downtrodden, and finds himself, too, still being tested in his faith.

The attractions to the Thoene novels are their easy reading and casts of characters, which focus on those faced with the same struggles as the average person, if not even more challenging. The Thoenes know the era they write about, and it comes alive from the smelliest slum and the driest desert to extravagant palaces. Although considered inspirational fiction, readers can appreciate the life of Jesus and his teachings without heavy preaching.