Sea of Grey

Written by Dewey Lambdin
Review by John R. Vallely

Royal Navy Captain Alan Lewrie has had better times than the long and trying months of 1798. His trusting wife has learned of his infidelities and proves to be a much fiercer enemy than the warships of Revolutionary America or France. The intrepid hero of Camperdown finds haven in the arms of his mistress and temporary relief from domestic strife as commanding officer of H.M.S. Proteus. Sent on a mission to the Caribbean, Captain Lewrie is once more in his element as he employs his command skills and keen intellect to advance his career while simultaneously aiding the Admiralty in its plans for playing a major role in the strategically vital Caribbean waters. Lewrie remains a complicated character who stubbornly refuses to behave in a more conventional manner in his private life. His flaws are constant in this, his tenth adventure on the high seas, and they continue to bring readers back into the world of this sterling naval officer.