Scenes from a Life

Written by Richard Abbott
Review by Janis Pegrum Smith

Scenes from a Life follows the scribe, Makty-Rasut, through his working life, decorating the tombs of ancient Egypt’s elite. Disturbed by vivid dreams, he seeks the help of a senior priest to interpret them, setting him off on a journey to unravel their meaning.

I had trouble getting into this novel at the start, perhaps because it is a period I am not overly familiar with, but from the second chapter in I was hooked. It took me a while to warm to Makty-Rasut but he grew on me. The author is extremely knowledgeable of his subject and the minute detail brings the story vividly to life, to the point where you can almost feel the sand and the heat.

With a good mix of well-written characters, the tale pleasantly meanders like the River Nile, which is central to the story, and makes for a most enjoyable, informative read.