Sarah, My Beloved

Written by Sharlene MacLaren
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

Sarah Woodward believes God led her to answer an ad for a bride through the Marriage Made in Heaven Agency, in 1896. When she disembarks from the stagecoach in Little Hickman Creek, Kentucky, and learns that her intended has married another, she decides to stay and seek God’s purpose for her life. Soon she receives another proposal: Rocky Callahan wants her to marry him, in name only, and look after his recently orphaned niece and nephew. Willing to serve God by loving the two motherless children–if not their uncle–Sarah accepts Rocky’s offer. Thrown together by their various tragedies, the four members of this newly created family must learn to trust each other before they can find happiness.

This is a charming story that resonates with the realities of many modern-day blended families, but the plot is somewhat marred by the delayed revelation that Rocky’s five-year-old son died only a few months before. Although this information goes a long way to explaining Rocky’s gruff behavior, it still jars with his obvious lack of parenting skills. Nevertheless, this second book in the Little Hickman Creek series is a well-written and sweet inspirational romance that will please MacLaren’s many fans.