Sand Against the Wind

Written by Catriona McCuaig
Review by Karen Wintle

This novel is the story of the Morgan family in Wales during the Second World War. Colliery owner Harry Morgan has plenty to worry about. His daughter, Meredith Fletcher, is a war widow with a child to bring up. Her half sister, Mariah, experiences her own tragedy when her husband, a pilot in the RAF, is shot down and declared missing. When a young woman turns up and declares she was married to Meredith’s husband, the family is thrown into turmoil. Then a local miner courts Mariah’s mother, Ellen Richards, and Harry realises that he is about to lose her. A novel of the vagaries of family life during the Second World War and worth reading if you like family sagas, this is the sequel to Windsong. I had not read the first book and found there was little exploration of characters in this one, so it took me a while to get into the book and establish all the relationships. Once I did, I thought it was enjoyable and cared enough to want to read on to see how it would turn out in the end.