Sail Upon the Land

Written by Josa Young
Review by Leslie Hockin

Love, love, love this book! The book tells the individual stories of four related women and how they are linked to each other. From courage in the Second World War, desperation and the struggle to survive in the face of depression, to adventure in a foreign land and heartbreak, the story flows with ease from one era to the next.

Author Josa Young has taken the art of characterisation to a new level of excellence. I found myself enthralled by the experiences of the main characters Sarah, Melissa, Damson and Mellita. The point at which the author describes the mental breakdown experienced by Melissa had me reaching for the tissue box, it was so beautifully and eloquently described. Each section of the book dedicated to one of the four characters is written to include descriptions of clothes and environments that instantly and accurately portray the relevant historical era.

The cover and quality of the publication are professional and attractive and I noticed no pronounced typographical errors which adds to the general good quality of the book. I would not hesitate to recommend this book as a fantastic read for anyone looking to be transported by the power of the written word. Praise for Josa Young all the way!