Ruse and Romance (The Beaucroft Girls Series Book 1)

Written by S. G. Rogers
Review by Nicky Galliers

This little novella is absolutely delightful and certainly made for a few hours of pleasant reading.

Unfairly labelled a flirt, Kitty finds she has ruined her chances of marrying as well as she should, and she is thrown into the path of Lord Philip Butler who although from a good family, is a second son and so cannot hope to make the kind of marriage he would like.

Although it is obvious what is going to happen, this is a well-written little book and certainly sits well alongside much more established writers. Of its type it is good, the story flows with characters that you cannot help but like and still leaves enough to the reader’s imagination to avoid being boring, trite or bland. Maybe Ms Rogers rushes the story towards the end, possibly mindful of the word limit, but she certainly does not dwell overly on anything too soppy and her characters feel more natural for it.

Production-wise it is acceptable, not perfect, but then no book ever will be. There is nothing that disrupts the reader beyond one or two little “American” moments that only someone more used to English terminology in England would notice.

If you like light, historical romances that are unashamedly indulgent, you will enjoy this little book.

E-book edition reviewed