Run Them Ashore

Written by Adrian Goldsworthy
Review by Fenella Miller

Run Them Ashore is the fifth book in a series by Goldsworthy set during the Napoleonic Wars. The hero, Hamish Williams, who has been recently gazetted to Lieutenant, has the difficult task of working with Spanish partisans behind enemy lines. There is even more danger involved when he attempts to get back to his own lines with vital information about a traitor who could create havoc in the British Army. The historical detail in this book is accurate, and the setting and characters give a good sense of time and place. However, for me, this book lacks pace and the writing style is pedestrian. There are the fourteen pages giving detailed character biographies at the rear of the book – I considered that they were unnecessary and added nothing to the reading experience. Goldsworthy has received many excellent reviews for his previous novels in the series, so I am assuming that Run Them Ashore is not his best work. I do not recommend this book.