Written by Bertrice Small
Review by Dana Cohlmeyer

Rosamund tells the story of a young girl’s unexpected journey into womanhood, mystery, passion, and history. Set at the beginning of the 16th century in London and in the wild Cumbrian border country between England and Scotland, Rosamund Bolton’s tale as the heiress to the manor of Friarsgate finds her orphaned and in the care of a devious uncle determined to keep Friarsgate within the family. Due to a lovely plot twist, Rosamund is swept into the magnificent court of Elizabeth of York, into the confidence of Katherine of Aragon, and into the arms of a young and handsome Henry VIII. The first in ‘The Friarsgate Inheritance’ series, Rosamund is a great read from bestselling author Bertrice Small. Her descriptions of life in a country manor are fantastic, and the reader is drawn into a captivating world of intrigue in the Tudor court. Small’s characterization of Rosamund as a woman determined to maintain control of her destiny at all costs is marvelous and keeps the pages turning. Not usually an avid reader of romances, I found this one captivating and quite hard to put down. The worst part of this book was finding myself at the end and knowing I had to wait to find out the rest of Rosamund’s story!