Robert the Bruce


The youth of Robert I, King of Scots is described in this second of the Guardians series by Jack Whyte. As the heir to a great name and vast lands in both Scotland and England, the boy Robert Bruce is taught by his father and grandfather how to lead others in times of peace and war, and especially how to govern justly. Robert also learns from his mentor and hero, King Edward I of England, at whose court the young knight is trained in the art of chivalry.

As Robert inherits an earldom, he appears to be no more than a dandy and playboy, dallying with the ladies. Then one special young lady enters his life and a dramatic transformation begins to occur. In the meantime, the relations between Scotland and England begin to deteriorate and Edward I invades Robert’s homeland. Robert is forced to choose between a monarch he has admired and his own Scottish people, bereft of leadership and liberty.

As the English tyranny grows, the choice becomes clear; the novel ends with Robert’s encounter with the hero William Wallace. The story is told mostly through long conversations, which some might find tedious, although a great deal of historical background is explained for those who are interested in the Scottish Wars of Independence. The various characters of the Bruce family and household add a great deal of color and humor to the narrative. As scene builds upon scene, the mercurial personality of the indefatigable Robert Bruce comes into focus, making the reader eager for the next installment.

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