Robbing The Bees: A Biography of Honey, the Sweet Liquid Gold that Seduced the World


This is a history and biography of bees and their honey. Holley Bishop, a beekeeper who admits that she loves them, gives us an excellent portrait of man’s relationship with the bee. Quoting from ancient and classical manuscripts she tells of the structure of the bee, the different types of housing used through the ages and the methods of harvesting honey.

There are recipes, ancient and modern. We are also told of the medicinal properties of honey, with a few recipes included. There is information on the preparation of wax, from the type that is essential to the bees, to the kind we use. The illustrations are in black and white, showing harvesting, housing and the anatomy of bees. The use of Donald Smiley, a fellow beekeeper, as an anchor man, I felt to be intrusive. He took his bees to places I was unfamiliar with, like the Florida panhandle, to feed on plants I did not know. His view point is American and personally I would have liked more information on European bees and the plants they feed on.

The style of the writing is easy and accessible. I found it a most interesting and informative read.

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