Ripples in the Sand: The Fourth Voyage of Captain Jesamiah Acorne

Written by Helen Hollick
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Former pirate Jesamiah Acorne and his wife Tiola are sailing to England aboard the Sea Witch from the colonies with a hold full of tobacco and contraband brandy. While in England, they become involved in the Jacobite Rebellion against King George. The Jacobites are a group of British men who wish to place the man they call James III, a Catholic, on the throne.

Tiola is a woman with mystical powers. She has the ability to “mind share” with her husband and hear and see voices from the past. When they arrive in North Devon, Tiola meets with her brother, a smuggler, and they convince Jesamiah to help the Jacobites in their rebellion.

I hadn’t read about the first three voyages of Captain Acorne (the previous three books in the series), nor did I need to, because of the backstory presented in this book. The period detail of 18th-century England reveals the author’s knowledge of English history. Although the mind reading became a bit of an annoyance at times, the story itself kept me interested, and I found the book difficult to put down.

Highly recommended.