Ring Road

Written by Meredith Kazer
Review by Shauna McIntyre

When Lauren and Drew decide to buy a centuries-old home in rural Connecticut, Lauren becomes obsessed with the history of the place and its eerie connections to her present life. Lauren and Drew move into the house and try to rekindle the earlier magic of their marriage by trying to have a baby.

As they struggle through the ups and downs of that experience, Lauren begins to experience dreams that feel more real than they should. Her dreams are filled with the lives of those who have lived in the home, starting from the very first family and moving through each successive generation. Intrigued, she begins to write down these dreams, and when life conspires to bring her in contact with others who have connections to the house, she begins to piece together an old mystery.

The novel weaves back and forth in time as we follow the history of the house and begin to draw connections to the present. Adding dates in the chapter headings would have been appreciated, as it was sometimes hard to follow and remember the various timelines. Though most of the story centers on the present-day characters, who did not appeal to me, the historical portions of the story are especially interesting and engaging.