Riders on the Storm

Written by Ed Gorman
Review by Kristina Blank Makansi

Like many of his friends, Sam McCain thought he was headed to Vietnam. But after an accident in boot camp, he returns home to Black River Falls to work as a lawyer and investigator as his buddies are shipped overseas. One by one, after their tours are over, his friends return home, some of them changed forever. After a political fundraiser turns into a brawl between two of his oldest friends—Will Cullen who has joined an anti-war group, and Steve Donovan who is running for Congress on a pro-war platform—Sam finds himself caught in the middle and caught up in the political fallout. After Steve is found murdered and Will becomes the prime suspect, Sam is determined to prove Will innocent. No matter what Will did in Vietnam, Sam believes, he is not a killer.

Sam McCain is not perfect, but he’s not a stereotypically damaged private investigator, either. He’s real, like someone who lives right next door—someone I’d like to live right next door to. And in Riders on the Storm, he is the type of hero who understands that the mysteries of the human condition are just as important as the mystery of whodunit.