Remember Me

Written by Margaret Thornton

A saga set in Edwardian Britain, this is the story of Maddy Moon, a 17-year-old singer with a touring company in the north of England. During her travels she meets many new people, falls in love, and eventually finds the man she wants to marry.

Although the author uses many viewpoints, she has a trick of repeating information, in virtually the same phrasing, from the point of view of different characters, which neither gives us a greater knowledge of the event, nor advances our understanding of the characters concerned, which I found made for boring reading. And the story as a whole lacks tension – there are no really villainous characters (the rape scene early on in the plot peters out into a non-event), and none of the main characters seem to have any flaws to make them interesting.

Thornton is, apparently, a very popular writer, who has published 15 novels, but I was disappointed with this one. However, if you enjoy sagas set in the north of England, you might while away a pleasant hour or two in Maddy’s company.