Regency Buck

Written by Georgette Heyer

When Judith and young Peregrine Taverner and their large inheritance are consigned to the care of Lord Worth, it is an arrangement that pleases nobody. Despite being a reluctant guardian and not at all the mature father-figure they had expected, Worth insists on interfering in their attempts to launch themselves into London society. Worth, their cousin Bernard, and half the gentlemen of England seem to be courting the attention of the headstrong and beautiful Judith, but is it really her they desire, or the eighty thousand pounds she will bring to her marriage when she comes of age? Meanwhile as her brother Perry careers around the London clubs, the dangerous mischief he gets himself into begins to look suspiciously orchestrated. Can Worth protect his charges – or is he the one posing the threat?

Heyer’s picture of Regency society is detailed and delightful. We travel the roads and enter the homes; we visit Brighton Pavilion, the cock-pit and the boxing ring, and we meet Beau Brummell and the Regent himself. All this in the company of engaging characters, a sharp wit, and a mystery plot. Everything one might expect from a Regency romance, and just the thing to lighten the gloom of a long winter evening.