Red Sky in Morning

Written by Paul Lynch
Review by Katy O’Dowd

Coll Coyle makes a dreadful mistake that changes the course of his life and is set to lose everything as he stands up to his landlord’s cruel, wastrel son. Set in 1832 in Donegal, Ireland, Red Sky in Morning follows Coll on his journey to the new American frontier as he runs to escape his recent past, leaving behind all he holds dear.

This novel is as dark, harsh and as unforgiving as the landscapes in which it is set, and meanders rather than rushes. The language is really rather elegant, and offsets the brutality of Coll’s existence and experiences. His wife’s sporadic narrative is very poignant, as is the reminder of home that he takes with him. Red Sky in Morning is a riveting read, in which Coll is hounded to the ends of the Earth, and has to deal with his new reality with the scant set of life tools that are available to him. A raw, beautiful book.