Rakes and Roses (Proper Romance Regency)

Written by Josi S. Kilpack
Review by Valerie Adolph

Early in the 19th century, Harry Stillman is known in London as a rake—a gambler, a drinker, a womanizer—until he runs out of money. ‘Lord Damion’ comes to his rescue, willing to pay off his debts under certain conditions. In fact, ‘Lord Damion’ is a rich widow, Sabrina Carlisle, who has been trying to reform dissolute young men. Sabrina takes Harry, attacked and injured on the street, into her house. She has her staff tend his injuries while he struggles with his need for alcohol. He is not aware that she, as Lord Damion, has rescued him from his financial difficulties but he has agreed to all Lord Damion’s terms. Sabrina watches to be sure he honours his agreement, but in watching him she falls in love with him.

This Regency romance is the third novel in the Mayfield family series, but it stands alone with well-developed characters. It is considered a proper romance, with content suitable for all ages. This is a pleasant, easy-to-read novel with likeable characters and a satisfying ending.