Rainbows in the Clouds

Written by Elizabeth Revill
Review by Ann Holt

The third in the Llewellyn family saga, Ms Revill’s Rainbows in the Clouds does not fail to please. I have read the first two, so was eager to snap this one up for review.

Our heroine, Welsh-born, Carrie, has her  life is turned upside down when the London Chest Hospital falls victim to the Blitz,  and  in consequence, the love she has found with Michael is under threat, and then she is drawn into the conflict in Europe, torn away from home and her family. Add into this the trauma of war and the daily endurance of surviving it, Carrie and the people of her small community in the Welsh valleys, have a sociopathic man to find and an outbreak of diphtheria to tackle – and that is just one part of this enthralling narrative!

From war torn London to the Welsh Valleys and occupied France – via the Far East, the characters grip you from the first page, drawing you into their world through page after breath-taking page.

Rainbows In The Clouds is a story of bravery, endurance, and dedication. A story of life during the war years, with the traumas, heartbreaks, horrors and fears – but also of love and friendship. Superbly written – the description of the Blitz in London took you right there. The story is compulsive from the first page  to the very end.

Nicely produced throughout, I especially liked the attractive cover, my only nit-pick comment: maybe the number in the sequence of this saga could be made clearer on the cover? New readers to the series might find it hard to know where this one sits. Great stuff.