Rachel’s Secret

Written by Susan Sallis
Review by Kristen Hannum

In 1943 two friends, Rachel and Meriel amuse themselves by tracking down imaginary German spies. It all seems a harmless way of spending the long summer holidays until their game becomes reality and its consequences affect their whole lives. Rachel becomes a reporter for the local newspaper while Meriel moves to Florida as a GI bride, but the bonds of friendship that hold them together can never be broken.

The blurb says the book is engrossing and it is but, at the same time, it is a real tangled web woven together on both sides of the Atlantic. The plot line is a reasonable tale but full of deceptions and blackmail and, added to the mix, a touch of murder and scandal. It became for me a bit complicated. It shows how keeping secrets from one another leads to more and more lies and heartbreak. There is more to this book than meets the eye, and it makes the basis for a good tale if you take the time to work it out. Worth trying.