Quest for Liberty

Written by Robert H. Rowe
Review by Jesse Dubuc

Clearly written in a style which poignantly underlies the intense emotion and beliefs felt on both sides of the American Revolution, Quest for Liberty details the beginnings of the war from the point of view of two men from a community soon to be torn apart. Dealing with the deep personal issues that afflict these men of opposing convictions, Rowe effectively captures the agonizing decisions that accompanied this pivotal and tenuous time in history.

Adherence to historical detail lends authenticity to the story, allowing a better understanding of the darker aspects of the war. Profound and well reasoned, it becomes difficult to choose a side as the plot unfolds, each man’s position seeming reasonable and understandable. This equal presentation paints a clearer portrait of the Revolution than many other stories, illustrating that brutality and persecution rarely, if ever, come from one side only.

Giving the reader a thought provoking look at what it took to make this country free, outstandingly written and infinitely engaging, Quest for Liberty is essential reading for anyone interested in American history.