Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter

Written by A.E. Moorat
Review by Marilyn Sherlock

This purports to be the story of Queen Victoria’s reign and historically it is reasonably well told but is so mixed up with zombies and other gothic horrors that I could not take it seriously. Inside the front cover it states – A.E. Moorat weaves a seamlessly lurid tapestry of royal biography, gothic horror and fist-gnawing comedy as he lifts the veil on what really took place on the dark cobbled streets of 19th-century England.

I really couldn’t have put it better myself except for the ‘fist-gnawing comedy’. I found this book to be so far fetched that, with apologies to the author, I did not find it at all funny. This is another novel which attaches itself to the apron strings of the historical novel genre but would be more at home under the heading of ‘gothic’ or general reading. Not recommended unless you are into all things Vampire.