Queen of Kings


The passionate, tangled, and tragic story of Cleopatra and Marc Antony receives a new and surprising twist in this engrossing novel. Did Cleopatra really take her own life – her weapon a poisonous asp – while Alexandria lay under siege by the forces of Octavian, as history records? Or did the queen somehow manage to elude death’s sting in order to be with her one true love, Marc Antony?

Novelist Headley blends a well-detailed history of the early days of the Roman Empire and its conquest of Egypt with fantasy, romance, and the supernatural to imagine what could really have happened to Cleopatra. After learning that her husband, Marc Antony, has killed himself, thinking she was already dead, Cleopatra makes a pact with the ancient bloodthirsty goddess Sekhmet that she hopes will save his soul. But what price will she pay? She could never have imagined the immortal, savage killing machine that she would become as she takes her vengeance upon those that have murdered her family.

Her quest for retribution takes her through Egypt to Rome, and even to the Underworld, and it triggers events that tie witches and sorcerers, ghosts, gods and goddesses to her fate. All she hungers for is to be reunited, soul to soul, with her beloved Antony, but the very fate of the world is at risk.

This is a spellbinding, highly entertaining novel, a wonderful feat of the imagination not to be missed.


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