Written by David Hingley
Review by Lisa Redmond

This follow-up to the outstanding Birthright continues the intriguing story of Mercia Blakewood. Having arrived in America and discovered the whereabouts of the Oxford Section, Mercia is looking forward to seeing a bit more of the New World and accepts an invitation from Governor Winthrop to visit Connecticut. She befriends local healer Clemency Carter and travels into the countryside of New England and the town of Meltwater, where Puritan settlers have forged an uneasy alliance with the native tribes. The descriptions of both the landscape and the harsh lives of the New Englanders are vivid and captivating, and the new characters introduced in this novel, Clemency in particular, are fascinating. However, the peacefulness and beauty are shattered when one of the townspeople is murdered. Mercia is determined to discover why. It soon becomes clear that the tensions between those who support the Restoration and those who fought for the Commonwealth are just as powerful and dangerous here in the New World as they were back in England. As more murders occur suspicion grows, and neighbour turns against neighbour. Soon Mercia finds herself in danger and fighting for her life.

This is a thrilling follow-up, and I am eager to read more about Mercia Blakewood. A must for fans of historical crime fiction and ideal for fans of Andrew Taylor, S.J. Deas, and S.G. MacLean.