Promise Me This

Written by Cathy Gohlke
Review by Rebecca Cochran

This delightful romance begins in 1912 and spans into World War I, recreating some pivotal moments in history with excellent detail and imagery. The story begins when Owen Allen, immigrating to America to start a garden center, saves the life of orphan Michael Dunnegan aboard the Titanic. Before he dies, Owen ekes a promise from Michael that he will do whatever he can to bring Owen’s sister, Annie, to America. Michael does, working nonstop to set up Owen’s nursery and saving money for Annie. As Annie struggles with grief and challenging circumstances, Michael reaches out through letters. Years pass and friendship develops into love. But then war begins in Europe and Annie’s letters suddenly stop. Michael courageously jeopardizes his life to solve the mystery of her disappearance and finally make good on his promise to Owen.

Readers will savor each year passing and experience Annie and Michael’s disparate lives, while lavishing in the slowly budding romance, like that of Michael’s gardens. With memorable characters, genuine emotions, and rich historical detail, this comes highly recommended.