Prince of Spies (Hope and Glory)

Written by Elizabeth Camden
Review by Bonnie DeMoss

This is Book Three in the Hope and Glory series, set in Washington, DC in 1902. It also works as a stand-alone. When Luke Delacroix, reporter and spy, meets Marianne Magruder, government photographer, they are both immediately attracted. However, they soon realize nothing can come of it. The Delacroix and Magruder families are bitter enemies, and Luke is currently trying to prevent the re-election of Marianne’s father, Congressman Magruder. The more they try to avoid each other, the more they are thrown together. Will they fall in love anyway, despite their family rivalry?

This is a well-written, captivating romance that is rich with history. Luke, Marianne, and others are involved in historical events such as the McMillan Plan, a plan to revitalize Washington, DC and build the Lincoln Monument. Luke is also part of an experiment testing food additives, the infamous “Poison Squad.” The romance is expertly woven into the historical events and will keep the reader entertained. The theme of faith in God through hard times is shared through the character of Luke. The characters are all superbly developed and interesting, and the reader will want to know more about this time period and this series. Highly recommended.