Prince of Ravenscar

Written by Catherine Coulter
Review by Kathryn Johnson

In 1831, Lord Julian is being pressed to find a second wife by his mother. She has in mind Sophie, the daughter of her best (deceased) friend. Julian resists Mama’s suggestions, his mind on other matters including smuggling. But then there’s the question of what happened to his first wife, Lily, who was found dead. To discover the truth, Julian partners up with his nephew Devlin, who is more willingly involved in his own romance. And oh yes, there’s another subplot and complication—Devlin happens to be a vampire.

When looking for an entertaining adventure with a generous dollop of romance – whether a contemporary thriller or traditional Regency – I’ve chosen and delighted in many a Catherine Coulter title. At the top of her game, she can be among the best in either genre. But Prince of Ravenscar was a disappointment. The plot feels unfocused, and often distracted, rather than enhanced by the witty Regency banter. I couldn’t fall in love with any of these people; they failed to step up and become individuals I could care about. I can’t recommend this novel but hope for a return, in future novels, to Coulter’s earlier flair for exciting stories with well-drawn, sympathetic characters.