Prairie Song

Written by Mona Hodgson

The setting for this inspirational romance is a wagon train heading west in 1866, providing an interesting background for a dual love story. The personalities of the two couples were not quite distinct enough to keep me from being confused at times, but I was entertained by the German background and alcoholic mother of one heroine, the interesting variety of immigrants on the wagon train, the introduction of a character with dementia and the plausible period details. I felt that the author had tried hard to bring complexity and color into this novel to bolster what was inevitably—as in any romance novel—a fairly predictable tale of growing love beset with obstacles.

The spiritual elements of the story were moderately strong but not overly preachy. Some florid phrases such as “her Italian responses flying like bats at midnight” raised my eyebrows, but on the whole I found the writing to be polished, confident and lively with just the right tone for the historical setting. Fans of inspirational romance should enjoy this tale.