Points of Danger (Railway Detective)

Written by Edward Marston
Review by Alan Cassady-Bishop

In 1861 there shouldn’t really be a “highwayman” who can hold up a train, rob and cold-bloodedly kill a first-class passenger! Of course, Inspector Colbeck is called upon to investigate; he’s experienced with railway crime, he’s effective and he’s of the “right class” to solve the heinous murder – the victim being a prominent M.P. and director of the self-same board that runs the train he was killed on. His wife is called to look into a mystery of her own; who is the person commissioning her to paint a railway landscape? Is Colbeck’s superior, the redoubtable Superintendent Tallis, really breaking up after a personal, physical attack on himself? Colbeck, accompanied by his hard-pressed yet resourceful Sergeant Leeming, goes into the political and financial world of Norwich and digs deep into the mystery, willing to go anywhere to solve the crime.

Once again, Marston combines excellent research and period detail with a cracking plot, deep characterisations and intriguing mystery. An excellent addition to a fine, atmospheric series.