Pirate Hunter

Written by Tom Morrisey
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

This story interweaves between the 18th century in the West Indies and Key West of the 21st century. Captain Henry Thatch, a notorious pirate with a good heart, is attempting to make just one more haul before retiring from the brethren of the coast. In the present-day Florida Keys, marine archaeologist Greg Rhode is on a treasure hunting expedition looking for lost pirate gold. This tale is about two men trying to escape their past. Greg Rhode seeks to put his relationship with his father behind him. Ted, a young African sold into slavery by Vicar Bascombe, a man who taught him to read and write and treated him like a son, was rescued by Thatch and served on his pirate ship.

The story is contemporary fiction with an historical connection. Mr. Morrisey does a fine job separating each plot so that they don’t become confused. He writes the tale of Ted from the 18th century in third person while using first person to tell the story of Greg Rhode. Although this novel is Christian fiction, I didn’t feel this book was trying to sell a Christian message. The novel is well researched, and the characters are believable. This is not your ripe-snorting, bodice-ripping pirate story, but a well-written tale of sin and forgiveness. Highly recommended.