Written by Simon Scarrow T. J Andrews
Review by Mike Ashworth

AD 25. When Clemestes, captain of a merchant ship, offers Telemachus, a young man surviving on the streets of Piraeus, the chance to join his crew, he little realises the life-changing effect his action will have. The ship is boarded by pirates, Clemestes is killed, and Telemachus is given the choice of joining the pirates or suffering the fate of his captain. After surviving a brutal initiation rite, Telemachus soon impresses his new captain with his resourcefulness and strength, and he rises through the ranks, creating enemies who resent his rise. However, that is not his only problem. Prefect Canis, notorious commander of the Imperial fleet of Ravenna, has sworn to annihilate the pirates.

Originally published as five separate ebook novellas, this book brings the series together in one volume. With a very strong plot and characters, the storyline is dramatic, fast-paced, and exciting. The action sequences are well-written, strong without being overly graphic. Told from the pirate point of view in a factual, non-romantic way, it reflects the harsh reality of life. This is the latest in a very successful partnership which continues to bring a fresh look to the genre. Recommended.