People of the Black Sun

Written by Kathleen O'Neal Gear W. Michael Gear
Review by Viviane Crystal

The Iroquois nation is totally splintered. Clans are at war with each other, driven by disease, starvation, and the code of “revenge,” which mandates that every murder be avenged. There are those, however, who believe that “death is just a whisper” and that “…killing the enemy has only one outcome: We kill a part of our own soul. And by doing so, we cripple the world itself.” The speaker of the last quote is Dekanawida, also known as “the Dreamer” and “Sky Messenger.” His message is that the nation can become One, choosing to unite by trade and self-defense rather than war.

But the path to achieving that dream will be fraught by more war, assassinations, theft, treachery, and more adventurous scenes packed into this riveting novel. The characters are complex, depicting the highest and lowest behavior possible. Throughout the story are snippets of the Iroquois creation story and other wise tales and spiritual scenes that serve as a mythological chorus commentary to each parallel scene. People of the Black Sun will not disappoint fans of the Gears’ other novels and as a stand-alone will attract and embrace numerous new readers who love excellent historical fiction.